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Mailing Address: 3646 Ady Road  •  Street, MD 21154 (410-937-8230)   •  Shop Address: 1605 Dooley Road, Whiteford, MD 21160
SCCA Enterprises logo Hagerman RacEngineering
is the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic SCCA Customer Service Representative
for Spec Racer Ford, Formula Enterprises, and Enterprises Sports Racer
SCCA Club Racing
Friday, March 31, 2023

Our Services

HRace is the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Customer Service Representative (CSR) for the Sports Car Club of America. We sell SCCA Spec Racer Ford turn-key race cars, SRF car kits, and SRF, Spec Formula and Enterprises Sports Racer parts.

We perform all aspects of service, including crash repair, major suspension alignments, and race preparation. We also offer track-side support.


Basic Shop Rate $75 per hour
Build SRF Kit $5000
Race Preparation: SRF
 (assumes car in generally good shape last time on track):


  • Wheel bearing and upper ball joint play
  • Upper control arm bushing play
  • Shock absorber leak and spherical bearing play
  • Sway bar bushing play
  • Suspension nut and bolt tightness
  • Rod end condition
  • Steering rack condition and operation
  • Brake pad, caliper pin, and rotor condition
  • CV joint condition/lubrication
  • Brake bleed / master cylinder condition
  • Clutch bleed / master and slave cylinder condition
  • Leak inspection
  • Oil change if necessary
  • Fluid levels - brake, clutch, coolant, engine and trans oil
  • Air filter change
  • Shift linkage / shifter
  • U-joints
  • Alternator voltage / wire and belt condition
  • Cockpit gauge operation
  • Body Latches
  • Toe check
  • Vacuum / wash
(parts add'l)
Major alignment - Initial Set up; or after major suspension replacement
  • Set camber, caster, toe, ride height, corner weights, bump steer
Transportation $1.15 per mile
Trackside Support: SRF
  • Preparation between sessions
  • Minor repairs (parts additional)
$400 per day
Major crash damage repair at track or in shop $75 per hour
Engine change: SRF
(assumes swapping auxiliary items - manifolds, clutch, etc.)
Clutch/Gearbox Change $400