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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Noteworthy Stuff

Hall Wins 2016 MARRS Championship
John HallAfter just a few short years in SRF, John Hall culminated his steady climb to the front of the grid by winning the 2016 MARRS SRF3 Championship in convincing fashion. John has emerged as a serious competitor in all levels of Spec Racer competition in not only the Mid-Atlantic area, but also the Northeast Conference as well.
Obadia Wins 2015 MARRS SRF3 Championship
John HallGreg Obadia of Elgin Racing shined in his first year of SRF racing by winning the 2015 MARRS SRF3 Championship. Driving an HRace rental car, Greg scored multiple race victories while typically capturing the pole. He also just barely missed winning the 2015 Northeast Conference Majors Championship, finishing second, just a couple of points behind.
Schuh Lives Up to His Name, Wins 2013 MARRS Series
Schuh lives up to his name, wins 2013 MARRS SeriesAfter showing natural speed on a limited schedule during the last few years, Steve Schuh decided to run a full schedule of races in 2013. The result was the 2013 MARRS SRF Championship, which he won in dominating fashion. After having too much fun this past year, he coaxed his son George into SRF for 2014. George will be competing directly with his dad. However, we're not sure whether Steve will actually share his track data...
Miller wins 2012 MARRS Series
elizabeth miller wins MARRS 2013 in a Hagerman RacEngineering-prepared SCCA Spec Racer Ford (SRF)After a narrow miss in 2010, Elizabeth Miller won the 2012 SRF Mid Atlantic Road Racing Series Championship. With races at Summit Point, VIR, Watkins Glen, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Nelson Ledges, and Charlotte Motor Speedway, Elizabeth scored several wins and top-5 finishes to claim the season crown.
Shocking News - the Missing Link
2VS Shock DynoYou can look at a shock absorber, and it may seem nice and shiny, and perfectly fine. But unless it is obviously leaking, how do you know that your shock absorber (damper) is operating properly? When you stuffed the car into the Jersey wall, did you over-extend the shock? When you towed down from the Frigid North to Florida in January when it was 5 degrees, did the bouncing in the trailer with thick shock oil blow out anything? After four seasons of racing, is it simply worn out?

Odd-ball handling characteristics can often be traced to a bad shock. Unfortunately, a faulty shock is extremely difficult for most drivers to detect. Shock performance and state of wear can only be measured by a Shock Dynamometer. In years past, we could only send out the shocks to one of the two authorized SCCA Enterprises shock rebuilders for testing; this required weeks of turn-around time and an inability to get instant answers. To eliminate this missing element in chassis setup, we now have a Roerhig 2VS Shock Dynamometer. We no longer have to stare suspiciously at your shocks - we will KNOW whether or not they are performing correctly.

We will be carrying the dyno in our trailer to the races, which will allow immediate trackside evaluations. Having established performance curves for both the SRF and FE spec shocks, we would be happy to perform at-track evaluations for any racer in the Enterprises community.