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Friday, March 31, 2023
Sports Racer - front/side view
Sports Racer - rear/side view
Sports Racer - front/side view
Sports Racer - rear/side view

Formula Enterprises &
Enterprises Sports Racer


Driver skill and cost containment is the focal point.

The Formula Enterprises (FE) and the Enterprises Sports Racer (ESR) are the same car under the skin, with the differences between the two versions being in the bodywork and the wings. Some of the body panels are common to both versions, as can be seen in the photos with the body removed where the panels are red (note that the nose box, shock cover panel, and tail are not common). This bodywork flexibility allows the car to be run in FE or in Prototype 2 (P2). The FE is also the car of choice for the GPFour Pro Series.

cockpit 1 cockpit 2 aCTUAtor assembly
engine 1
engine 2

The engine is a sealed 2.3-liter Mazda 4 cylinder with twin cams, 16 valves, aluminum head and block, and electronic fuel injection, producing approximately 178 horsepower. Engine rebuilds can only be performed by SCCA Enterprises, which ensures that every engine leaving their shop is within a 2-horsepower window; this guarantees a true "driver's class", where skill behind the wheel is more important than the latest engine tweaks. The transmission is an Elite 5-speed cable-operated sequential-shift transaxle with one set of gear ratios; owner maintenance of the assembly is allowed. The clutch is a 5.5" twin-disc unit with a concentric hydraulic slave cylinder.

front suspension
rear suspension
The suspension uses pushrod-actuated springs and shocks, with an adjustable front swaybar and fixed rear swaybar. The shock absorbers are sealed, gas-pressurized, rebound-adjustable, aluminum-body Penske units. Camber, caster, toe, ride height, and corner weights are fully adjustable. The main chassis of the car is a tubular steel spaceframe. The wheelbase is 102.5", front track is 58.5", and rear track is 55". Minimum weight with driver is 1250 for the Formula version and 1350 for the Sports Racer. Ventilated AP Racing 10-1/2" disc brakes with four-piston calipers are used at all four corners, with a cockpit-adjustable brake bias. Cast OZ Racing wheels are used, 8 x 13" in the front and 10 x 13" in the rear. For SCCA Club Racing and for the GP Four Pro Series, specific American Racing (AR) slicks are required, sized 22.0 x 8.0" in the front and 22.5 x 10.0" in the rear, with AR grooved rain tires used when needed. The Formula car uses a single-element front wing and a dual-element rear wing, both of which are adjustable. The Sports Racer uses a front splitter and a single-element rear wing which are also adjustable. Body panels are fiberglass.